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Temporary Outdoor Dining/Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application

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    The undersigned requests the issuance of a temporary permit pursuant to the Dutchess County Executive’s Order on outdoor dining relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to transfer some of its current restaurant capacity to outdoor space. The undersigned agrees that the outdoor restaurant business or Sidewalk Cafe, shall be operated in accordance with State Law, including Executive Orders, Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sanitary Law and COVID-19 guidelines, and all relevant sections of the Hyde Park Town Code, County Emergency Orders, and all rules and regulations attached to this permit application. The undersigned agrees that the outdoor restaurant business or Sidewalk Cafe shall be operated only on that property of which undersigned has ownership, control, possession or permission (proof required) to use. The undersigned hereby AGREES TO PROTECT, DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD THE TOWN OF HYDE PARK AND ITS EMPLOYEES FREE AND HARMLESS FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL LOSSES, CLAIMS, LIENS, DEMANDS AND CAUSES OF ACTION OF EVERY KIND AND CHARACTER, INCLUDING THE AMOUNT OF JUDGMENTS, PENALTIES, INTEREST COURT COST AND LEGAL FEES INCURRED BY THE TOWN IN DEFENSE OF SAME ARISING IN FAVOR OF CLAIMS, LIENS, DEBTS, PERSONAL INJURIES, INCLUDING PERSONAL INJURIES SUSTAINED BY EMPLOYEES OF THE TOWN, DEATH OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, INCLUDING PROPERTY OF THE TOWN, AND WITHOUT LIMITATION BY ENUMERATION, ALL OTHER CLAIMS OR DEMANDS OF EVERY CHARACTER OCCURRING OR IN ANY WAY INCIDENT TO THE OPERATION OF THE OUTDOOR RESTAURANT BUSINESS AT ITS EXPENSE, AGREES TO, INVESTIGATE,HANDLE RESPOND TO, PROVIDE DEFENSE FOR AND DEFEND ANY CLAIM MADE AGAINST THE TOWN FOR WHICH CLAIMS ARE, IN WHOLE OR PART, LIABLE AND AGREES TO BEAR ALL COST AND EXPENSES RELATED THERETO, INCLUDING ATTORNEY'S FEES AND COSTS EVEN IF SUCH CLAIM IS GROUNDLESS, FALSE OR FRAUDULENT.
  4. Rules and Regulations
    General Operating Rules for Sidewalk, Parking Lot, Yard, or other Outdoor Spaces
  5. Temporary Outdoor Cafe Rules 1
  6. For restaurant operations on a public sidewalk or right-of-way:
  7. Temporary Outdoor Cafe Rules 2
  8. For restaurant operations in parking lots:
  9. Temporary Outdoor Cafe Rules 3
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  11. This application does not constitute an actual permit: An official permit will be issued upon authorization by the Town Zoning Administrator.
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