What zoning district am I in?

You can look up your zoning district by a searching your tax parcel ID number, Owner’s name, or address via Dutchess County Parcel Access

Directions to find out what district you are in:

• Select “Town of Hyde Park” at the top right-hand side of your screen

• Enter the last 6 digits of your parcel number/hit the Owner tab and enter the property owner’s name/hit the address tab and enter the physical address of the property - in the column to the right of the aerial map of Dutchess County. Hit the ‘go’ button

• Select your property in that same column

• Select the “Full property card” option (in red) at the bottom of that column

• Scroll down the pop-up screen to the bottom until you reach the “Site Information”

• The Zoning Code will be listed by acronym

Town of Hyde Park Zoning Map (link)

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