Biking in Hyde Park

Bicycling the trail

Biking for recreation and commuting in Hyde Park

Featured routes:

All around Hyde Park: A long loop around the border of Hyde Park   
Click Here for PDF of All around Hyde Park

Hyde Park Town Loop: A shorter route that passes through the National Parks in Hyde Park.   
Click Here for PDF of Hyde Park Town Loop

Route Names for Hyde Park Biking:
All around Hyde Park, NY
Route along the Wappinger Creek
Hyde Park Town Loop (Draft 5)
Greenfields Park to FDR via Valkill
St. Andrews to W Dorsey
SBJ Hudson Heritage to Dorsey (Draft 1)
Greenfields Park 10 miler
Visit Hyde Park by Bike (road only)

Use this link to see detailed information and maps of the above routes

Please take this informal Biking Survey

What changes and/or improvements would you like to see with regards to biking in Hyde Park?  Consider family riding, riding for college students and commuters. What long term effects on tourism, local businesses and overall livability in the entire town would you like to see?
This could include the Town Centers, as well as, neighborhoods and rural sections located furthers away from the centers.

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