Hyde Park Trail Committee

The Hyde Park Trail Committee meets monthly. Meetings are open to the public. For more information about attending, or to learn about getting involved with Hyde Park Trails, call Hyde Park Recreation at 845-229-8086.

Hyde Park Trail Marker


The Hyde Park Trails Committee is an active public-private partnership that:
  • Develops, promotes and maintains walking trails which are open to the public
  • Sponsors annual trail events to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Provides interpretive information about relevant history and natural history
  • Reaches out to the community to support the trails through volunteering for trail monitoring, work days, events, Scout projects, and other activities

Trail landowners/ managers and holders of trail easements on private lands

  • Town of Hyde Park (HPT Committee lead): Hackett Hill Park - 35 acres; Pinewoods Park - 28 acres; Riverfront Park - 2.5 acres; (65 acres combined)
  • National Park Service (on HPT Committee): Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site - 850 acres; Vanderbilt Mansion NHS - 212 acres; Eleanor Roosevelt NHS - 180 acres; (over 1,200 acres combined); Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program
  • Mills-Norrie State Park (New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation) (on HPT Committee): Mills-Norrie Park - over 1,000 acres
  • Winnakee Land Trust (on HPT Committee): Winnakee Nature Preserve - 102 acres; and easement holder Anderson School - 100 acres; River Ridge - 100 acres
  • Scenic Hudson Land Trust (on HPT Committee): Dominican Camp - 66 acres; South Dr. - 48 acres; and easement holder

Primary Trail-related Partners

  • Mid-Hudson Chapter Adirondack Mountain Club (on HPT Committee): Trail promotion and stewardship
  • New York - New Jersey Trail Conference (on HPT Committee): Trail promotion and stewardship
  • Dutchess County Department of Behavioral and Community Health (on HPT Committee): Trails and health promotion
  • Dutchess County Department of Planning and Community Development: Trail planning and promotion
  • Interested volunteers (on HPT Committee): Trail planning, promotion, stewardship, events