Downtown Initiative

Since 2012, the Town of Hyde Park has engaged in an innovative approach to create a more walkable and vibrant downtown. This effort, dubbed the Hyde Park Downtown Initiative, is a proactive measure to bring pedestrian and wastewater treatment infrastructure in the town's traditional center. To learn more about the program, visit the Hyde Park Downtown Initiative.

Proposed Town Core Zoning Documents

Estimated Annual Sewer Cost Per Property:

Sewer District Assessments as of 03-2019 (PDF)

Proposed Sewer District Map (Click on the map below for an interactive version; clicking on each individual parcel will display the property owner/voter and the estimated annual assessment):

Proposed Hyde Park Sewer District Map (03-2019) Opens in new window

Feb. 25, 2019:  Hyde Park Downtown Initiative Update (Excerpts)

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Route 9 Central Sewer District Informational Meetings November 13, 2018, December 11, 2018, January 23, 2019, & March 19, 2019: