EPA Stormwater Requirements & Regulations

All Subdivision, Site Plan and Building Permit applications in Hyde Park must address or comply with the MS4 regulations and additional requirements for the Town of Hyde Park. View the Stormwater Basics Handout (PDF) for more information.

EPA / DEC Regulations

The Town of Hyde Park is under EPA/DEC regulations known as the Stormwater Phase II requirements. These regulations require applicants to address minimizing impacts to water quality and quantity as a result of construction activities. The regulations apply to disturbances of one acre or more on a single lot or in combination with other construction in a development. In other words, the regulations apply to almost all construction projects.

Control Plan

Site operators must develop an erosion and sediment control plan in accordance with the New York Guidelines for Urban Erosion and Sediment Control, obtain a permit from the Town, notify the DEC, wait for a review period, implement the plan, and maintain all protective measures throughout construction. If you are disturbing more than one acre for a single-family residence, OR constructing something other than a single-family residence, a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan must be developed in accordance with the NYS Stormwater Design Manuel and be submitted to the Town for review and issuance of a Stormwater Management Permit. It must also be submitted to the DEC.


All projects in a watershed having a TMDL or 303d listing with DEC must also develop a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, have it certified by a licensed professional, submit a notice to DEC and begin construction after the DEC review period.

Subdivision and Site Plan development projects that are reviewed by the Planning Board will incorporate stormwater and erosion control measures as part of the approved plan.

More Information

If you are a site operator and need more information, you can contact the Zoning Administrator for general information. Additional information is also available on the Dutchess County Soil and Water Conservation District website or the DEC's Stormwater Toolbox.