Civil Court

The Hyde Park Town Court hears formal civil cases when either the Plaintiff or the Defendant resides in, is employed in or has a place of business within the Town.

Legal Representation

Defendants are not guaranteed legal representation in civil court as they are in criminal court but may retain legal representation. People with low income may wish to contact Legal Services of the Hudson Valley which is funded, in part, by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the New York State Office for the Aging and Westchester County.

Vehicle & Traffic Court

Cases charging the commission of a traffic infraction within the town limits are filed in the Hyde Park Justice Court. Information regarding how to proceed with a traffic ticket may be found on the back of the ticket issued to the motorist. If the motorist responds by pleading not guilty, the Court Clerk will schedule an appearance date for a pre-trial conference. This conference gives the motorist the opportunity to discuss the case with the traffic prosecutor and, if the parties agree, to enter into a plea agreement subject to the approval of the court. If no plea agreement is agreed upon by the parties, a trial date will be scheduled. The court conducts non-jury or bench trials for vehicle and traffic infractions. If the motorist pleads guilty by mail, a letter will be issued that informs the motorist regarding the amount of the fine and surcharge, and payment procedures.

Small Claims Court

The Court hears small claims cases up to $3,000 when the Defendant resides in, is employed in, or has a place of business within the Town. Individuals and sole proprietors of businesses may bring a suit against the following assignee's in Small Claims Court by filing a claim with the Court:

  • Association
  • Corporation
  • Individual
  • Partnership

Small Claims Court Form (PDF) and Small Claims Court Guide (PDF)

Filing Fees

There is a filing fee of $10 for claims up to $1,000 and $15 for claims up to $3,000. You may not file a claim in Small Claims Court for over $3,000.

Prompt Determination

Small Claims Court is intended to provide a simple, informal and inexpensive procedure for prompt determination of small claims. The hearings are conducted in a way that ensures justice according to law without requiring a detailed knowledge of courtroom procedures or rules.

Resources for Small Claims

The New York State Division of Local Government Publications page has a link to the State of New York Local Government Handbook which describes Small Claims Court in the chapter on the Judicial System and the New York State Unified Court System website includes a link to a Small Claims Court Question and Answer page on the Small Claims Court process. The New York State Magistrates Association provides a Small Claims Quick checklist that summarizes the Small Claims Court process.

View the Small Claims Form (PDF).

Landlord / Tenant Court

The Court also hears Summary Proceedings/Evictions when the property and the Respondent are located within the Town. These proceedings include non payment of rent or holdover evictions. Plaintiffs may claim the full amount in dispute as there is no arbitrary limit on the amount of the claim for which the Court has civil jurisdiction in such cases.The Court hears both residential and commercial landlord/tenant cases.


Attention: The material on this page is only for information about the Town of Hyde Park Court and is not intended to provide legal advice. The Town of Hyde Park makes no claims about the correctness or completeness of this information.