Hyde Park Committee Liaisons

The Town Board liaisons to various groups.

Audit CommitteeStephen Woodcock
Board of Assessment ReviewStephen Woodcock
Board of EthicsDavid P. Ray
Building DepartmentNeil Krupnick
Chamber of CommerceKen Schneider, Aileen Rohr
Compliance for Anti-HarrassmentNeil Krupnick
Conservation Advisory CouncilNeil Krupnick
DCWWAAileen Rohr, Emily Svenson (Alternate Volunteer)
Dog ControlAileen Rohr
Highway DepartmentKen Schneider
HistorianKen Schneider
Hyde Park Central School DistrictDavid P. Ray
Hyde Park Fire DepartmentDavid P. Ray
Justice DepartmentStephen Woodcock
Paul Tegtmeier MemorialDavid P. Ray
Personnel NegotiationsAileen Rohr
Planning BoardNeil Krupnick
Planning DepartmentNeil Krupnick
Police DepartmentAileen Rohr, Ken Schneider
Recreation DepartmentKen Schneider
Roosevelt Fire DepartmentStephen Woodcock, Ken Schneider
Safety Plan CommitteeAileen Rohr
Storm Water Management CommitteeDavid P. Ray
Veterans AffairsDavid P. Ray
Workplace Violence PreventionNeil Krupnick
Zoning Board of AppealsNeil Krupnick