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You can have the Town of Hyde Park notify you about various topics by email or Twitter or both.

To receive emails, check the areas you are interested in below, enter your email address and click 'Register'. Emails are sent as information is available, not on a regular basis. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete your registration. You must follow these instructions in order to start receiving notifications.

Your email address will only be used to send you information about Town of Hyde Park events, issues and other town business. It will not be used for any other purpose. It will not be shared with anyone outside the Town of Hyde Park elected town officials and their designees, except when required by law.

You can also click the Twitter Follow button, , to receive most of these notices via tweets. Tweets from the Town of Hyde Park will use hashtags to indicate the interest areas.

Register your email

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Comptroller - Emails about town finances from the comptroller
Conservation Advisory Commission - Monitors and advises the Town Board on conservation and environmental concerns
Day Camp - Alerts and reminders for parents of children attending day camp
Highway Department - Information about highway department activities such as road work
Planning Board - Notices of agendas and minutes posted for the Planning Board
Police - Notices from the Hyde Park Police Department
Receiver of Taxes - Notices about tax collection and the hours of the Receiver of Taxes Office
Recreation Department - Information about programs and activities sponsored by the Recreation Department
Shade Tree Commission - Dedicated to the planning and care of roadside trees and shrubs in Hyde Park
Town Board - Notices from Aileen Rohr, Hyde ParkTown Supervisor
Town Clerk - Information from Donna McGrogan, Hyde Park Town Clerk
Town of Hyde Park Court System - Emails from the Town of Hyde Park, NY Court System
Videos on YouTube - Availability notices for Hyde Park videos on YouTube
Ward 1 - Notices from Emily Svenson, councilperson for Ward 1
Ward 2 - Notices from David Ray, councilperson for Ward 2
Ward 3 - Notices from Joe Marrine, councilperson for Ward 3
Ward 4 - Notices from Ken Schneider, councilperson for Ward 4
Zoning Board of Appeals - Notices of agendas and minutes posted for the ZBA

After clicking 'Register' you will receive instructions for completing the registration process. You will not receive any emails for this registration until you complete the instructions you will receive.


Review your registration

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Cancel your registration

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Questions about the email registration process

Will my email address be shared with anyone?

No! The email addresses you register with the Town of Hyde Park will only be used to send you information on topics for which you have registered. Town Policy does not allow your email address to be shared with or sold to anyone else except when we are required to do so by law.

What should I do if I don't receive the instructions for completing my registration (or I delete the email before following them)?

If you don't receive the registration completion email or delete it before completing the process, please return to the email notification page and re-register your email address.

I'm not getting emails for the topic I signed up for. Is there a problem?

Emails are sent out on irregular schedules and will vary between interest topics. Some may send out several per month and some may only send out a few each year. To verify that your email is properly registered, go to the 'Review your Registration' section of the email notification page and request your current registration. Review the email you receive to ensure you are registered for the intended topics. If you do not recieve your current registration, re-register your email address.

I'm getting too many emails for the topic I signed up for. Is there a way I can limit them to only the ones I'm interested in?

Emails are sent only for the topics you register for but some areas may send out information on more subtopics or more frequently than others. At this time there is no way to limit the emails you receive to a particular subtopic.

Why do I get emails on general topics that I did not sign up for?

Occassionally emails will be sent to everyone who has signed up with the Town of Hyde Park Email Notification Program. These emails will be for information that is of general interest or will be concerning an emergency situation. Each email address registered will only receive one copy of each of these emails regardless of how many topics have been signed up for.

I have more than one email address. Can I register more than one?

Sure. You can register as many emails as you like as long as you have the ability to complete the registration process according to the initial information your email address is sent.

Can I register someone else's email address?

While you can submit someone else's email address, the information necessary to complete the registration is sent to the email address being registered so only someone with access to the email account can complete the email registration process. Please be considerate of others and do not submit their email address without their approval.

Why was my registration removed?

If email notices sent to you are reported as undeliverable, your email address registration will be removed. This is done because abandoned and deleted email addresses would affect the performance of the notification system for users who have valid email addresses. If your email address is or becomes valid after your registration has been removed, you may re-register the address.

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