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Town of Hyde Park Cable Channel 22

Channel 22 is an Education and Government cable channel for use by the Town of Hyde Park and schools within the coverage area. Channel 22 is only offered on the Cablevision cable service and is not available outside of the Hyde Park community, on satellite systems or on other cable providers. The broadcast equipment is located in the basement of Town Hall and provides the ability to broadcast meetings in Town Hall live and to rebroadcast tapes made in Town Hall and elsewhere. Several programs are broadcast during the course of the week. When no program is being broadcast, the channel displays a community bulletin board. Notices of events of interest to the residents of Hyde Park may be posted on the bulletin board as described below.

Watch Anytime

Recordings of Town Board meetings and Planning Board meetings since March of 2013 have been uploaded to YouTube. A complete list of these videos is available on the On-Line Videos web page.

Channel 22 Broadcast Schedule

TV Schedule

Broadcast Submissions

Channel 22 is not a public access channel but programs of general interest to Hyde Park residents and/or hilighting town events may be considered for broadcast. Tapes for broadcast consideration should be sent to:

Channel 22
Hyde Park Town Hall
4383 Albany Post Road
Hyde Park, NY 12538

and must include contact information. Material submitted for broadcast consideration become the property of the Town of Hyde Park and will not be returned regardless of whether they are approved for broadcast.

Town of Hyde Park Community Bulletin Board

The Town of Hyde Park Community Bulletin Board is broadcast on Cablevision channel 22 whenever Channel 22 is not being used to broadcast live or taped meetings or events that are of interest to the residents of Hyde Park.

Notices of events of general interest can be submitted by community organizations for posting on the bulletin board. In order to be considered, the submitting organization must be non-profit and must not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion or age. Notices that endorse a political candidate or advocate a particular manner of voting are not appropriate for the community bulletin board. Notices may be:

Please submit notices at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. It may take up to a week for events to appear on the bulletin board. When submitting notices, you may send the information only in which case formatting will be at the discretion of the town. Or you may submit an image file with dimensions of 640 pixels (width) by 480 pixels (height). Be aware that the top and bottom 50 pixels and the left and right 60 pixels may not display on all television sets and you should avoid putting important content in these areas. We accept most standard image formats as well as Microsoft® Word (.doc or .rtf only) and Adobe® PDF files. We cannot accept Corel® Wordperfect®, Lotus® WordPro®, Microsoft® Publisher, Microsoft® XPS or other word processing formats.

If you submit an image that contains text, please be aware that Channel 22 is not a high definition channel and the broadcast image will have a much lower resolution than on a computer screen. Text should be no smaller in height than one sixteenth of the image height. This is about a 18pt font when working on 640x480 pixel images.

Please be aware that images that are printed on paper and mailed to our address lose some of their quality when they are posted and may take longer to post.

We reserve the right to not post images that do not meet these criteria. Storage media (disks, CDs, etc.) submitted with notices will not be returned.

Please include the name, phone number, email address (if available) and postal address of a contact person for each notice. Notices without this information will not be posted. If the event occurs on a specific date or dates, please indicate the date(s). If the notice is for an event that does not have a specific date (eg. a request for volunteers), please indicate how long you want it posted. Notices will not be posted for longer than two (2) months.

The Town of Hyde Park reserves the right to decline to post any submission.

Online Community Bulletin Board Submission

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